Aerial Divas Classes


At Aerial Divas we have a range of aerial hoop & circus fitness classes for you to choose from. Ranging from absolute beginners looking for an introductory class, to current pole dancing or aerial hoop students looking to expand their repertoire, or increase strength & flexibility... we have a class suitable for you! Each class has been designed to give you a great full body workout, whilst teaching you new aerial tricks, contortion stretches or even performance skills!
  • Aerial Divas offers aerial hoop & circus fitness courses, plus casual classes and workshops designed to help you get fitter and stronger.
  • We offer 8 and 4 week courses, 1 hour casual classes and 1.5-2 hour workshops, so there’s plenty of options for your busy schedule.
  • Pole Divas is known for our commitment to a complete pole dancing workout that includes dance, fitness and flexibility, plus the sensual moves of pole dancing. We have expanded all of these elements into our Aerial Divas aerial hoop classes to bring the magic of aerial hoop & the circus arts to the masses.
  • We want you to feel totally comfortable in our studios, and even if you are a little (or a lot) nervous the first time, we know that once you have tried a class you'll discover just how strong and sexy you can be!

Please note that for all Aerial Divas classes we suggest you wear leggings, or over the knee leg warmers. Aerial Divas use the backs of their knees to group the hoop a lot so you will need to wear something that covers and protects this area.

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