Casual Classes/Privates




This is your chance to learn aerial hoop skills and foundations as part of an Aerial Divas casual class. Our Hoopsations casual aerial hoop class is perfect for beginners and covers basic strengthening and Pilates to help you achieve your hoop goals! You will learn 2 or 3 hoop skills in each class and put them together in combinations within a different themed routine each week. This is a great class to get you introduced to the aerial hoop and learn all the basics you need to become an Aerial Diva!

1 hour casual class $30/$25 for current Aerial Divas

Discount session cards available

Aerial Power

Aerial Power is the perfect complement to your Aerial Hoop course. This strength & conditioning class will assist you with lifts, spins and mounts essential to your Aerial Hoop course and will improve your core strength, stability and control. Includes a short dance routine, suitable for all levels.

1 hour casual class $30/$25 for current Aerial Divas

Discount session cards available

Aerial Hoop Private tuition

Master hoop tricks and technique in a private session with an experience Aerial Divas Instructor.   This is a great opportunity to work on routines, performances and to master tricks and sequences that will fast track your aerial hoop progression! Studio may be shared, private hire of the studio is more.  

1 Hour Private Session $120 for up to 3 people*

**SPECIAL OFFER: 3 x 1 hour private sessions $300, save $60!**

3 session special must be paid in full in advance.

SilkS Private tuition

Learn the tricks and technique of one of the most advanced aerial apparatuses in a one-on-one format with aerialist Kate Nelson. Silks are a perfect complement to your aerial hoop training as they add elegance, flair and poise to your aerial repertoire.

silk private tuition rates as per aerial hoop

*Prices may vary between studios.  Not all classes available at all studios.
** Aerial Hoop course student rate applies if you are currently enrolled in a course at the same studio as the casual class.

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