28 Day Divas Challenge

Are you ready to take the challenge to increase your fitness, strength, flexibility and improve your dance skills? This February Pole & Aerial Divas will put you to the challenge! This is your chance to take your training to the next level!

CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY! Our challenges are designed to keep you consistent in your training which is the key to real change.

NINJA DIVA– 3 casual classes per week
SUPER NINJA DIVA – 4 casual classes per week


Choose your focus. You can combine your own choice of strength, flexibility or dance casuals to tailor the results specific to your goals.

STRENGTH - Pole Power, Core Power, Aerial Power
STRETCH - Flex & Flow, Stretch Tech, Fly Gym
DANCE - Pole Moves, Hoopsations, Flex & Flow

Whatever your goals are, you can make huge head roads into smashing them! Lose body fat, improve muscle tone, gain strength, improve cardio fitness, get your splits, become a better dancer. All these things are possible!

What is included?
• Ninja Diva – 3 casuals a week for 4 weeks = 12 classes
• Super Ninja Diva – 4 casuals a week for 4 weeks = 16 classes
• A nourishment guide to help you fuel up and recover from your workouts! Written by our in-house dietitian Jess, this guide includes nutrition basics, pre- and post-class snack and meal ideas, plus strategies to help you tune into your body's needs. Focused on providing your body with the nourishment it needs to keep you poling/hooping strong, this pocket guide will be one of the tools in your arsenal for an amazing 30 day challenge!
• Inclusion in a Challenge Facebook group so you can support each other and make new friends from our different studios
• Support and training tips from instructors from all studios
• On-line Q&A sessions with Jess
• A Ninja Diva tank top
• In studio attendance tracking
• A free class pass so you can bring a friend to one of your classes with you
• 10% off our studio shop throughout February
• Everyone who completes the challenge goes into the draw to win a $200 Diva voucher
• A digital certificate for those who successfully complete the challenge!
• A end of the month wrap up celebration to acknowledge all your achievements with your fellow challengers!
Results! If you commit to the challenge and stick with it, you WILL gain positive results both physically and mentally. A sense of achievement is the best way to feel good about yourself and boost your confidence 

Ninja Diva $240 – Super Ninja Diva $320
This is only $20 a class which is member pricing PLUS all the extras and support.

~ Bookings can only be done through your Desk Divas – no on-line option.
~ You can pay with ZipPay
~ You will be asked to book all your classes in when you purchase the challenge so you don’t miss out on any classes if they get full
~ If you miss a class one week, it’s gone. That’s the challenge – to stay consistent!
~ If you currently have a casual class pass, we will suspend it at the start of the challenge, and extend it once the challenge is over.

Here's what our Challengers from 2017 had to say...
"I regret not taking before and after measurements/photos (injured myself at netball and got all unorganised aka excuses) because today I went to my first class post challenge. Tried tricks on a higher hoop tonight and on the bad side. I am SO much stronger and way more flexible. Challenge! Woo!" - Katherine

"Absolutely loved the 30 day challenge! I could feel so many changes happening but didn’t think you would be able to visually see the difference, I am so blown away with how far I have come in just a month! Thank you to all the amazing girls and instructors who supported me through this month!!" - Kate

"Thank you for putting on the 30-day challenge Divas 💪🏻😍. My result is that I haven't felt this strong or good about myself in years and I've had more pole progress in the past four weeks than I've had in the past twelve months. A huge thanks to the instructors and all Divas involved for the support. 💕 #divaisafemaleversionofahustler" - Maddie

"Managed to touch the ceiling with my climb tonight - feeling so good!" - Angela

"Last night of the 30 day challenge and i accomplished my first pole climb and have shave 2.5cms of my front splits!!" - Mary

"End of the challenge today and I feel good to have found the way to take care not only of my body but of my mind ,because the strength comes from inside first, also I just wanna thanks all the instructors of pole divas for their support and their generosity sharing their skills and good vibes. Pole dancing make me feel proud of who I am..." - Michele