Company Profile


Pole Divas was founded by Kennetta Hutchens in 2004. Kennetta had been involved in the exotic dance industry for over ten years prior to opening Pole Divas. She started as a dancer, had her own agency and worked as Entertainment Manager and partner of one of Melbourne’s leading dance clubs. This background lead Kennetta to realize that as well as having physical benefits, pole dancing also helped women feel empowered and more confident...and so Pole Divas was born!


Pole Divas currently operates 4 locations across Melbourne. As the first pole dancing school to open in Melbourne, Pole Divas devised their own unique classes, courses and workshops. Our class structures take elements from pole and exotic dancing and combine them into progressive levels of difficulty to challenge our students. We are also the only school in Australia to have dedicated, separate static aerial and spin pole rooms at our studios.


At Pole Divas we’re Addicted to Pole and so are our students…perhaps that’s why we see more and more students on our poles every year! Our network of studios makes us Melbourne’s largest chain of pole dancing schools and we are still rapidly expanding. As interest grows for pole dancing as an exercise and dance form in its own right, we find ourselves welcoming more and more students…and we love it! What’s more, once you come to Pole Divas we know you’ll be Addicted to Pole for life! Pole Divas is dedicated to staying ahead and is constantly exploring new ways to expand our network.


Kennetta was involved in the exotic dance industry for over 10 years. She gained a vast knowledge of the industry, and has had the experience of dealing with and training literally hundreds of girls over the years. After this, she also became a qualified personal trainer. Kennetta first entertained the idea of opening a pole and exotic dance school in 2000. It came from years of watching girls in the club perform, and seeing the transformation it made to their confidence and self esteem, as well as fitness and body shape. She recognized this awesome style of dance as an art form that should be shared with the everyday woman. As a Pole Diva, Kennetta loved introducing students to the spinning pole in classes and strengthening in Pole Power. Now she is focusing on the business side of things and leaving the teaching to her capable team!

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