At Pole Divas we have a range of pole and exotic dance classes for you to choose from!  From absolute beginners looking for an introductory class, to current pole dancing students looking to gain strength or flexibility...we have a class suitable for you!  Each class has been designed to give you a great full body workout, whilst teaching you pole dancing tricks and moves. 

  • Pole Divas offers pole and exotic dance courses, plus casual classes designed to help you get fitter and stronger.
  •  We are committed to a complete pole dancing workout that includes pole and exotic dancing, pole fitness and pole flexibility, plus the sensual moves of pole dancing.
  • We also have specific workshops for the more demanding pole tricks, performances, booty camps and even lap dancing, all designed to enhance your Pole Divas experience.
  • We want you to feel totally comfortable in our studios, and even if you are a little (or a lot) nervous the first time, we know that once you have tried a class you'll discover just how strong and sexy you can be!


$50 for 2 weeks of Unlimited Casual Classes
If you're new to Pole Divas we want to give you the chance to experience as many pole dancing classes as possible, so pay just $50 and have unlimited access to all our casual classes. After that we know you'll be Addicted to Pole and to the amazing results you'll see!
*Classes subject to availability and must be booked at the same studio
We pride ourselves on offering classes to suit every Diva out there!  If you have any questions about which class might be most suitable for you then please contact any of our studio receptions.  Click here for studio contact details.

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