Pole & Exotic

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is proven to be an amazing way to get fit and toned fast! Pole dancing classes provide a full body workout, cardio and strengthening, plus you get to do all this wearing stilettos if you choose to! At Pole Divas we know that anyone can pole dance, no dance background necessary. We want every student to be able to Unleash their Inhibitions in our classes and we know it's only a matter of time until each student gets Additcted to Pole! Believe us, the amazing workout plus the sense of self confidence that each classes offers is definitely addictive!

In all of Pole Divas pole dancing classes, you will experience a high energy warm up and a great all body workout that includes flexibility, toning and lifting your own body weight.  Pole dancing is an exciting way to tone your body, improve your flexibility and enhance your upper body and core strength. All our classes include different dance routines, making them so much fun that you’ll forget it’s exercise!

Pole Divas offers a variety of pole dancing classes and courses for you to choose from. Our pole dancing courses start at an absolute beginners level for those with no pole dancing experience and go all the way up to super advanced and performance level. We also offer our Polesations introductory casual classes, Taste Teaser workshops showing you all that Pole Divas offers, and strength and flexibility conditioning casual classes Pole Power and Pole Flex.

Exotic Dancing

Exotic dancing is another great way to get fit and toned at Pole Divas!  The combination of slow, sensual moves with lots of bumps a grinds gives you a great full body workout.  Learning to use squats, cat crawls and body rolls to enhance your dancing will really help you get in touch with your inner Diva! Pole Divas offers short courses and workshops in various styles of sexy, fun and sensual exotic dance, all of which will help bring that inner sexy goddess of yours come out to play! Striptease, Lapdance and Pole Moves are great ways to try out this popular style of dance, and to compliment your current pole dancing routine.

Learning exotic dance will help loosen your hips and add great technique to your dancing. Throughout our various classes you will be taught a range of hot moves such as sensual floor work, booty shaking, seductive belly dance and the tools to turn your walk into a strut!

All Pole Divas exotic dance classes and workshops are a great all over body dance workout, and involve less lifting than pole dancing classes.  They also help you focus on the transitions between tricks, helping you to perfect your moves and routines!

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