Exotic & Dance Courses

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Dance Technique Course

This is a great opportunity to take your training to the next level and learn and refine the fundamentals of dance. This class is taken by Angelique who has been coaching and training professional and competitive dancers for 19 years. You will cover spotting and spinning, isolation, action and general body awareness including articulation of the legs and feet both on and off the pole. This is definitely a class that will challenge you both physically and mentally, so take the chance to "step it up" and book now!

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230

Pole Moves Course

This is our sexiest dance based rather than trick based pole dancing course! You will learn to use the pole without performing any tricks and by the end of the course you'll have a full routine under your belt. We focus on breaking the really hot and sexy elements of pole dancing so this course is a MUST for any budding Pole Diva!

4 week course (1hr per week) - $115
8 week course (1 hr per week) - $230*
*Moonee Ponds studio only

Pussycat funk

The Pussycat Funk course is a non-pole class with strong hip-hop influences and a cheeky, flirtatious style! You'll learn to pop, thrust, grind, bump and booty shake to the hottest R&B and pop tracks and learn one super sexy routine over the 4 weeks.  Learn some killer dance moves, get that booty shaking and unleash your inner Pussycat Doll!!

4 week course (1hr per week) - $115

Lap Dance/Striptease Course

This is a combined four week course guaranteed to leave you feeling strong, confident and ultra-sexy! You will learn new moves each week that give you an understanding of all the tricks you’ll need to perform an amazing lap dance and master the striptease with confidence. Bump and grind your way to a better body as we target tummies, hips and thighs in this sexy, seductive dance form.

4 week course (1hr per week) - $115

Exotica course

You will learn to move your body in slow, sensual circular motions helping to loosen your hips and get an amazing workout! We focus on sexy walks, cat crawls, lots of floor work that lead into one amazing routine. Exotica will help you gain confidence, discover your own sexuality and teach you some tantalizing moves you can surprise your partner with!

4 week course (1hr per week) - $115


bootay COURSE

This 4 week course is all about the booty! Work your booty on the pole whilst learning all the booty shaking and popping moves including Boo-Tay floor work, and put it all into a booty-licious routine. Learn the famous booty butt dance and get technique tips for booty rolls and hip isolation. This course is a great workout for the booty and legs!!

4 week course (1hr per week) - $115



You can now take your exotic dance skills to the next level in our NEW 4 week Advanced Exotica Course! Building on the sexy skills you learn in Exotica, this course will add new variations and transitions into your floor work and moves around the pole. Learn sexy floor moves and perfect your exotic dancing skills!

4 week course (1hr per week) - $115


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