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No experience necessary! The Beginners pole course is designed for women from all walks of life. This course teaches you a combination of basic pole tricks and sexy dance moves then puts them together with a fun new pole dancing routine each week. Each class also includes strength building and flexibility so you are sure to get Addicted to Pole! PLUS receive an awesome Welcome Pack with special offers and free classes to introduce you to the world of pole dancing!

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230, valued at over $290!

Intermediate prep POLE

Prepare yourself for intermediate level pole dancing! This course will help work on your pole strength, stamina and skills to make sure you ready to progress to the intermediate level. Working on strength, we will help you become a master pole climber and perform all those beginner tricks with ease. Every 2 weeks you will learn a new dance routine using all the tricks you have learnt from beginners and so far in this course. This course is designed to bridge the beginners and Intermediate 1 courses to ensure every intermediate Pole Diva is at their very best!

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230



The acrobatics start! Upside down tricks  are introduced, along with more fun spins. Start to learn the basics of aerial movement , and build those muscles with our specifically designed strengthening exercies. All this while maintaining a high level of sex factor and two hot routines to put it all together!

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230


Look – no hands! Not for the faint hearted, this course involves no handed aerial tricks, flips on the pole and advanced spins and combinations. Learn to focus on the major pivot and resistance points of the body used to execute these tricks. Strong core and upper body strength is essential in this course.

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230


Bring on the ‘wow’ factor aerial tricks and spins, plus advanced pole dance routines to really test you each week that include awesome aerial combinations. By this stage students should be able to perform tricks confidently and link them together with sexy, smooth movement. An incredible cardio and strengthening workout.

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230


Cirque de pole - eye-catching advanced aerials tricks that make jaws drop! There is an emphasis on encouraging student’s individual styles of dance, with each girl performing to the class in the final graduation week.

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230


Spectacular new tricks and aerial combinations put into a challenging gravity defying choreographed routine. Emphasis is put on making it all look easy with seemingly effortless and smooth transitions from trick to trick, and sultry dance moves.

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230


Work on strength and cardio whilst learning new tricks, combinations and a different routine on a weekly basis in this fast paced class! Build your ability to link a number of tricks into combinations. A high energy and fun class that is not for the faint-hearted.

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230


For those who have mastered all the tricks in our static pole courses. High level and gravity defying holds, spins and trick combinations plus a full term routine. Focus on lines and fluidity of tricks and transitions. Plus the option to submit requests!

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230


After completing a course of that level on our static poles, you can move into the ‘Spin’ room and take on a brand new challenge! Most professional pole dancing competitions include a spinning pole as it is very beautiful to watch when mastered. Highly recommended as great for strength, but mostly because it is so much fun!

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230

pole cabaret

Our famous performance course is back! Pole Cabaret is open to Advanced level students and gives you the chance to work on your performance skills in time for the Christmas Showcase! In the first half of the course each week will focus on a new theme and you will learn short, group routines incorporating advanced level tricks and combos! In the final 4 weeks you will work on one group routine which you will perform at the showcase! Improve your performance skills and get experience in different styles of dance!

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230



This intensive course is designed for intermediate 2 and above students who want to fast track straight into an intermediate spin course.  Learn all the beginners and intermediate 1 spin tricks in 4 weeks of madness, and in the last week we will place you in either intermediate 1 or 2 spin.  Jump on board this beautiful and graceful form of pole dancing now!

4 week course (1hr per week) - $115

Pole Moves Course

This is our sexiest dance based rather than trick based pole dancing course! You will learn to use the pole without performing any tricks and by the end of the course you'll have a full routine under your belt.  We focus on breaking the really hot and sexy elements of pole dancing so this course is a MUST for any budding Pole Diva!

4 week course (1hr per week) - $115
8 week course (1 hr per week) - $230

pole moves - Advanced

This is a step up from Pole Moves, where we teach students how to build on moves to turn them into the sexiest pole dancers they can be!  Suitable for any budding Pole Diva and those with prior dance background.  Learn to combine advanced dance moves with harder floor work and combinations. This is sexy, dance based pole at its best!

4 week course (1hr per week) - $115

Burlesque de la Pole

Transform into a sizzling, seductive stage performer! Combine the cheeky theatrics of Burlesque and basic pole moves for a great full body workout suitable for all fitness levels. Develop confidence, stage presence and character interpretation, covering different aspects of Burlesque and incorporating multiple apparatuses.

4 week course (1hr per week) - $115

Pole teaser

The perfect short course for anyone who has always wanted to try pole dancing! This introductory course will teach you pole dancing, pole fitness and pole moves to give you an amazing introduction to all that Pole Divas has to offer.  Try our Pole Teaser and we know you'll be begging for more!

3 week course (1hr per week) - $75 AMAZING VALUE!

lyrical pole

This course focuses heavily on musicality, fluidity and contemporary dance technique. Learn how to dance with intent as you work your way through a choreographed emotive routine designed especially to show expression and difference in smooth transitions and flowing movements. Use the pole as part of your dance rather than the focal element.

4 week course - $115



*6 week boot camp style training course*
Join Pole Divas instructors as they take you through 3 classes per week of intense, circuit pole based training to get you super fit and strong! Morning Madness will run for 6 weeks and classes will be run from 6.30-7.30am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays...that's 18 classes over the whole course! Getting up early is an amazing way to boost your metabolism and see the ongoing effects of fat burning throughout the day! 

6 week course (3 x 1 hour classes per week) - $65 per week for current Pole Divas/$75 for non Pole Divas
Full course must be paid in full, in advance.


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