Pole Divas offer a huge selection of pole and non pole workshops. All of our pole dancing workshops compliment our pole dancing courses and will help you get fitter and more flexible, become a better dancer and teach you skills you can't learn anywhere else. Our exotic and dance workshops are simply super sexy! Please scroll down to see exotic and dance workshops and click here for Aerial Divas workshops.

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Pole Dancing Workshops


Acro for Everyone

Acro for Everyone is for everyone, pole or hoop! Ever wanted to put some more exciting tricks into you’re floorwork? This is the workshop for you! Come and learn some awesome arco tricks using the floor and the pole! Great for transitions between poles in a routines, cause lets face it, why would you walk when you can roll, turn, flip, cartwheel or walkover? You will not only learn some awesome floorwork but also put in in a short routine at the end! Suitable for Inter 2 and above.

2 hour workshop - $45


Gracie's Dance Dynamics and fluent tricks

Gracie is Prahran’s Superstar Dancer and has amazing artistic and dance technique. Gracie is the current Victorian Professional Pole Champion and 1st Runner up Miss Pole Dance Victoria. Gracie will help you gain a better understanding of musicality and individuality both on and off the pole and will help you master the beauty of her transitions. Learn an artistic routine that explores the ins and outs of dynamic choreography and dance technique. Open to Inter 3 and above

1.5 hour workshop - $45



Spin your heart out in this fast paced 2 hour workshop! Let Mornington''s Spin Queen Maddy show you how to master her famous spin moves and tricks in super fun workshop! Learning to master spin tricks requires strength, elegance and stamina, so get ready for a workout! By the end of this workshop you will have learnt the graceful art of spin exits and entries, and how to use these to create breathtaking routines! This workshop will focus on more advanced spin tricks and holds and so is open to Intermediate 2 spin level students and above.

2 hour workshop - $45


Miss filly drop it like its hot!

This workshop is not for the faint hearted! Unleash the daredevil in you and learn a whole range of different drop combos, both from amazing aerial heights and from the floor.  This workshop will help you gain the confidence you need to become a strong aerial performer with the skills to wow your audience! Miss Filly is Australia's Best Trickster (Australian Pole Championships) and current 2nd Runner Up Miss Pole Dance Australia.

2 hour workshop - $45


miss filly signature tricks

Learn some of Miss Filly's favorite and signature tricks and combinations! In this workshop Miss Filly will teach you to build impressive, beautiful and powerful inverted sequences. Learn how to condition your body to get the most out of your strength and flexibility whilst having fun upside down. Explore dancing in bare feet as well as the technique required to dance in stilettos.

2 hour workshop - $45

Aerial Splits and Flexi Tricks

This workshop is open to all advanced students as it concentrates on aerial tricks using splits and advanced holds. Work on vertical and horizontal splits on and off the pole, as well as advanced bends and holds plus get some tips for improving your active flexibility!

2 hour workshop - $45

Latin Pole

Looking for a workshop that will challenge both mind and body? Then this is the workshop for you! Fusing Latin American dance styles with pole, you can look forward to learning a different dance each term; some more dance based and some more trick-based including Cha Cha, Salsa, Merengue, Rumba, Samba, Bachata, Jive, Mambo, Argentine Tango and the Paso Doble.
2 hour workshop - $45

Lyrical Pole

This workshop focuses heavily on musicality, fluidity and contemporary dance technique. Learn how to dance with intent as you work your way through a choreographed emotive routine designed especially to show expression and difference in smooth transitions and flowing movements. Use the pole as part of your dance rather than the focal element.
2 hour workshop - $45

Double Trouble

Our popular doubles workshop, which runs over 2 sessions (2 hrs each session) covers everything from synchronicity and themes to musicality and choreography. With 2 instructors at your disposal you will also get to work on brand new tricks and combos that use 2 girls on one pole! Whether you are planning a doubles routine for Unleashed or just want to try some crazy new tricks with your bestie, this workshop is guaranteed to challenge and inspire Divas at any level!
4 hour workshop (over 2 sessions) - $99

Burlesque de la Pole

Transform yourself into a sizzling, seductive stage performer! Taking the cheeky theatrics of Burlesque and incorporating basic pole moves will give you a great full body workout and is suitable for all fitness levels. This workshop will also develop confidence, stage presence and character interpretation so expect a lot of giggles as you unleash your inner stage siren!
2 hour workshop - $45

Polesations - Advanced

Dance for 2 hours straight in this amazing workshop which involves learning a full-song choreographed routine with intermediate and advanced course tricks. This is an intense workout giving you another opportunity to learn sexy, challenging dance moves plus new trick combos and transititions. Look out for themed editions of this workshop coming soon!
2 hour workshop - $45

Straddle Sessions

This intense 1.5 hr session will help you achieve front straddle, aerial front straddle and front crucifix. The session covers strengthening and flexibility components, focusing on the specific muscle groups you'll need to get those legs up and over! Improve the core, back, quad and hip flexor strength needed to prevent injury. Suitable for Intermediate 1 and above students.
1.5 hr workshop $40

Handsprings and Holds

This advanced workshop will teach you the techniques you need to perfect amazing handsprings using different holds and grips. It will also feature an aerial strengthening component to help you achieve these super advanced moves. This workshop features some gravity defying holds and so is suited to advanced students only.
2 hour workshop - $45

Pole Moves

This is the 2 hour version of our sexiest dance based rather than trick based pole dancing course! You will learn to use the pole without performing any tricks and learn a sexy, fun routine whilst getting an amazing workout. We focus on breaking down the really hot and sexy elements of pole dancing so this is a great introduction to pole dancing for any budding Pole Diva
2 hours $45 ($35 for current Pole Divas)**

Pole Moves - Advanced

The Advanced version Pole Moves builds on the foundations learnt in Pole Moves, teaching you how to be the sexiest pole dancer possible! Suitable for any budding Pole Diva and especially those with prior dance background. Learn to combine advanced dance moves such as back bends and foot work, with harder floor work and combinations. This is sexy, dance based pole at its best!
2 hours $45 ($35 for current Pole Divas)**

Booty Camp

We try but it's impossible for us to put every amazing pole trick out there into our courses! So this workshop is your chance to learn all those cool pole tricks that are not usually included in our normal course curriculum. Our amazing instructors give you the benefit of their experience and knowledge to teach you some new and fabulous tricks!
2 hour workshop - $45

Introduction to Handstands

Open to Beginner, Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2 students. Covers aerial content from the 8-week courses including straddles and crucifixes plus handstands, back bends and splits, with more focus on exits and entrances to the pole using flexibility and strength simultaneously. Designed as an introduction to handstands for beginners and for Intermediate students to polish what they've already learnt.
2 hour workshop - $45

Advanced Pole Gymnastics

This advanced workshop is only open to students in Intermediate 3 and above. It covers new aerial and floor combinations not currently in the coursework! Learn how to press to handstand from the splits and perfect cartwheels plus pick up some breakdance moves and unique contortion positions to help you connect pole tricks to floor-work seamlessly. 
2 hour workshop - $45

Taste Teaser

An introductory session combining a little taste of everything we offer! Your instructor will give you a demonstration of exotic dance and pole work, answer questions about our various different classes and allow you to give all our styles a try. This will help you decide which class would be best for you. Come along, join in the fun and be inspired!
1.5hr workshop - $35

Girls Night Out

Come along to one of our Girls Night Out functions, held on selected dates throughout the term. Round up the girls and prepare yourself for a night of laughter, lap dancing, pole dancing and prizes. Come along by yourself or grab the girlies and gear up for naughty night. If you've always wanted to try pole dancing but needed an excuse, well here it is! POLE DIVAS GIRLS NIGHT OUT, a girls night with attitude!
1.5hr session - $35 per head

Pole Classique

This workshop is designed for those that want more grace, strength and extensions when they dance, or if you have ever dreamed of being a ballerina! Learning basic ballet techniques will help posture, core strength and flexibility. Combining upbeat music with classical ballet movement and dance steps, you will find yourself feeling like a ballet goddess as you glide gracefully around the pole!
2 hour workshop - $45

Pole Intensive - Various Levels (static and spin)

These intense pole workshops are designed to help students improve on tricks in their current course and get ready for the next level. Over 2 hours your instructor will revise tricks from your level to help you nail them with confidence! Perfect for anyone who is struggling with a move or two and wants to move up, or students who are coming back to pole dancing.
2 hour workshop - $45

Pole Performance

Learn how to perform an amazing pole dancing routine. Pole dancing is all about impressive tricks, but the best routines are those that make them look easy, sexy and polished! Learn the tricks of the trade to make your pole dancing routine competition worthy! Includes musicality and music choice, how to create a theme, choreography, costume and dance technique.
2 hour workshop - $45

Advanced Conditioning Masterclass

Sometimes an hour just isn't enough! The ultimate conditioning master class, this is a 2 hour version of our casual class for Advanced students looking to increase their overall cardio fitness or working toward Elite level classes! An all over body loosening warm up, advanced drills, combinations and transitions, this class will build strength, help develop correct technique and increase flexibility at the same time.
2 hour workshop - $45

Exotic and Dance Workshops

Advanced Exotica

You can now take your exotic dance skills to the next level in NEW Advanced Exotica! Building on the sexy skills you learn in Exotica, this workshop will add new variations and transitions into your floor work and moves around the pole. Learn a full hour of dancing and perfect your exotic dancing moves!.
2 hours $45 ($35 for current Pole Divas)**



This workshop is about confidence, prowess and showing off your inner Diva! You will learn all the moves you need to perform a sexy striptease, as a treat to someone special or to show off just how confident you can be. Bring along a lingerie set or bikini to wear over your clothes and learn how to remove it! All those slow, sexy grinds are also a great full body workout.
2 hours $45 ($35 for current Pole Divas)**

Lap Dancing

This workshop is perfect for anyone wanting to feel super sexy and even those wanting to give their partner a special treat! Using chairs, you'll learn sexy floor moves, the Art of Striptease and a lap dancing routine that will unleash your inner goddess, all the whilst giving you a total body workout!
2 hours $45 ($35 for current Pole Divas)**

Stretch Intensive

Not for the faint-hearted, this is an intense, specialized stretch and conditioning session combining elements of Pole Flex and Stretch Technique. Loosen the hips, hamstrings and other muscle groups to enhance the overall range in flexibility. Work toward the splits and increasing your flexibility to improve extensions and lines in pole dancing or aerial hoop.
2 hours $45 ($35 for current students**)

Pussycat Funk

This popular workshop will get you looking and feeling as sexy as the Pussy Cat Dolls! With strong hip-hop influences and a cheeky, flirtatious style, you will pop, thrust, grind, bump and booty shake to the hottest R'n'B and pop tracks, so get ready to bust a move! This workshop is an amazing way to workout whilst learning a hot and sexy dance routine!
2 hours $45 ($35 for current Pole Divas)**


This workshop is all about the booty! Work your booty on the pole whilst learning all the booty shaking and popping moves including Boo-Tay floor work, and put it all into a booty-licious routine. Learn the famous booty butt dance and get technique tips for booty rolls and hip isolations. This workshop is a great workout for the booty and legs!
2 hour  workshop - $45


This is a 2 hour version of our famous Exotica course. Learn to move your body in slow motions and loosen your hips to get an amazing workout! We focus on sexy walks, cat crawls, lots of floor work that lead into one amazing routine. Exotica will help you gain confidence, discover your own sexuality and teach you some tantalizing moves you can surprise your partner with!
2 hours $45 ($35 for current Pole Divas)**

** Pole course student rate applies if you are currently enrolled in a course at the same studio as the workshop.

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