Pole tricks

Learn specific pole tricks designed to create the wow factor in making a creative stage performance. A skillful performance on the pole guarantees to appeal to any audience.

Pole trick’s can individually cater for the performer’s individual style and technique. Gain the respect of your audience and fellow co workers by exuding your talents as a skilled pole performer.


Show time is designed as a one-on-one professional coaching for dancers wishing to perform solo stage shows. This will incorporate ideas on theme, costume, music and choreography.

Our aim is to enable you to have the ability to become an outstanding ‘Feature Performer’ for your agency, or in your club.


Tailored for girls who have little or no experience and have just started or wish to start dancing. Learn all the basics required to enter the industry with confidence with some simple tricks of the trade including:

  • Basic pole & stage moves
  • The art of the Lap Dance
  • Seductive removal of clothing
  • Essential money making techniques
  • Making it through a 20 minute stage set
  • Posture, presence and eye contact

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