Aerial Hoop Classes

Aerial Divas offers aerial hoop fitness courses, classes and workshops suitable for everyone, no experience required!  We will also offer private tuition for more advanced aerialists. Aerial hoop is an amazing apparatus that will tone and condition your body in a complimentary way to pole dancing. All classes are one person per hoop.


BEGINNERS aerial hoop

Learn how to activate your core and build the strength you’ll need to get up and into the hoop! This course teaches you a mix of spins and poses under the hoop with a big strength component for your upper body and abs, plus all over body flexibility and coordination. You will develop aerial sequences moving towards holding yourself up in this amazing apparatus for minutes at a time!

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230

INTERMEDIATE 1 aerial hoop

This course will introduce you to spinning hoop poses as well as new mounts and more poses inside the hoop. Build on your upper body and abdominal strength in the hoop plus develop your all over body flexibility and coordination with our specially designed Pilates-based conditioning as part of your class.

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230

intermediate 2 aerial hoop

Work on your fluidity and lines as you piece together beautiful aerial combinations! This course will teach you to maintain spin whilst executing longer sequences. Continue to develop your upper body and core strength as you expand your technical ability. Learn to use the balance points of your body for impressive poses!

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230

intermediate 3 aerial hoop

Now you're really getting the hang of it! This course focuses on aerial combinations and endurance, plus there will still be exciting new tricks each class! Learn a different dance routine each week to build stamina and work on your form in the air. This is a consolidation level - the focus is on gaining stamina and endurance as well as learning new connections and sequences using all the skills you've learnt so far.

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230


A-prep is designed to teach students all the necessary components for their first solo hoop performance, in preparation for Advanced 1. Students will learn "mini-routines", and are required to tailor their own 1 minute sequence to music, using any combination of the skills, spins and dance/floor work from the mini-routines. Students will also learn dance foundations and how to count music.

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230

Aerial Performance

This 4 week course is designed to give students all the tools they need to create their own aerial performance, with extra hot tips for our student competition Aerial Unleashed! Learn musicality, costuming, theatrics, themes and overall auditioning and performance strategies. A must for all aspiring aerial performers and competitors! Suitable for all Aerial Divas students!
4 week course (1hr per week) - $115

Advanced 1 aerial hoop

This advanced level course offers a unique performance based structure, focusing on precision in transitions, spin connections, floor based dance and exciting new skills on top of the hoop. Students build their new and existing skills into individual performances by the final week!

8 week course (1hr per week) - $230

Hoop Teaser

Get a fantastic introduction to Aerial Hoop over 3 weeks in our Hoop Teaser course! Start with basic spins and core strengthening in the first week whilst learning all the fundamentals. Get into a more dance based class similar to our Hoopsations classes in week two. Then finish off with learning more tricks and getting up into the hoop in week three. You’ll have a head start and will be ready for the next term’s 8 week Beginners course!

3 week course (1hr per week) - $75 AMAZING VALUE!

What to wear to aerial hoop fitness classes

As with pole dancing classes, our main priority is your comfort so please wear clothes that you feel comfortable in! 
  • For all aerial hoop classes you will need to wear leggings that cover the back part of your knees.  This area is used a lot to grip the hoop so it is important that you protect it with leggings... no bare legs please! 
  • A t-shirt or singlet is fine and you don't need to bring any heels with you.
  • Please also remove any rings, bangles, bracelets or dangly earrings before class to avoid damaging them... or yourself!
If you have any concerns about existing injuries or medical conditions that may affect your ability to participate safely, we recommend you go to your GP for advice first. Aerial Divas do not advise pregnant women to use the aerial hoop. Anyone who is pregnant and wishes to participate must bring in a letter from their GP saying it is safe to do so.