Mornington Instructors

Davina Currie (Owner)

Davina has spent the last 10 years in the fitness industry, during which time she has qualified as an aerobics instructor as well as managing a gymnasium. A graduate at Pole Divas Prahran, Davina opened the Mornington studio in June 2006 to spread the word and convey the energy to a wider audience across the Mornington Peninsula and southern suburbs of Melbourne.

She brings to her franchise at Pole Divas Mornington a thorough knowledge of choreography and dance as well as a genuine desire to see her clients reach their peak in terms of fitness and confidence. First aid qualifications and a strong human relations emphasis ensures that she has the industry savvy and personal drive to achieve her goals, and in turn, those of her clients. Most importantly, she aims to make classes entertaining and enjoyable and in doing so, achieves that special synthesis between fitness and fun.

Sarsha Hill

Sarsha has had a long love affair with health, fitness and wellbeing. She has two bachelor degrees and has been in the health and wellness industry for over 6 years. She was one of the first students at the Mornington Pole Divas studio, and is an excellent example of how quickly strength, stamina, flexibility and co-ordination can be achieved through the art of pole dancing.

Her classes are highly organised, ensuring a fluid and smooth transition for all her students in the world of pole. Taking to the pole with style and grace she loves nothing more than seeing the enjoyment and fun her students have during her classes.

maddy filosa

Maddy was born a performer! With over 18 years of experience in dance with styles such as jazz, tap, hip-hop, contemporary, ballet and cheerleading she wanted to try something new and exciting, when she took her first class at Pole Divas with the fabulous Davina and swears she will never look back! Maddy has always loved exercising and lives a busy lifestyle presently working as a qualified personal trainer/gym instructor, kids swim teacher and in childcare, and is now very proud and excited to be part of Pole Divas!

She wants to pass on her enthusiasm and love of dance to her students so they can feel sexy and confident with themselves. In her words 'I'm Addicted to Pole dancing because it's the only sport where you can wear short shorts and stripper heels and still get an amazing workout while feeling sexy and having fun!'

Allira CARey

Allira took her first pole class a few years ago, demanding a pole for Christmas just one month later! She was without a doubt hooked on the sexy sport of pole dancing for life! Now there is no place she’d rather be than up a pole. She has a bachelor degree in social science and has traveled extensively across the world… fortunately European nightclubs had a love affair with poles so she could still get her fix.

Allira aspires to share the pole love by coaching and inspiring her students to achieve strength, pride and self-confidence whilst letting loose, feeling sexy and overall having an awesome time…and you’ll accomplish all that in heels, now that is talent sisters!

Allira is extremely proud to be a Pole Diva and believes every and any woman should try pole dancing. You’ll have so much fun you’ll forget you’re exercising… but she warns, addiction will result... thankfully a healthy, positive, fun one!


Eliza Hubber

Eliza started dancing back when she was 10, beginning in ballet, jazz and tap. From there she moved on to contemporary and then somehow stumbled across pole dancing! Learning pole dancing up in Cairns, she discovered pole was something she could use to compliment her dance training. After moving down to Melbourne and beginning classes at Pole Divas, Eliza realized just how much fitness you can gain as well!

Combining all the different styles, Eliza has fallen in love with pole dancing and everything you can take from it. She thinks pole dancing is an amazing and fun way to stay fit but also allows you to create a space for you to be whoever you want to be and that connecting with your inner strength and power through pole gives you a dose of sexy confidence that sticks with you through life.

Tracey Dillon

Tracey was onstage performing from the age of 3, demanding to go to sleep in her ballet tutu after each class. Growing up on the stage, Tracey comes from a family of performers, and a meal at the Dillon household will often turn into a dance performance, a monologue or a Monty Python skit.

Tracey has a background in various styles of dance from Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, Irish and now Pole dancing. Tracey says Pole dancing is by far the most exciting and intense workout - it will take you to new heights... literally!

It’s safe to say Tracey is extremely Addicted to Pole and is excited that she can now share her passion for this amazing sport with others. Tracey is thrilled to be part of the Pole Divas team and promises her students a fun, sweaty and booty shakin’ workout.

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