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A space created by women, for women, join our Pole & Aerial community today. 

Achieve fitness and empowerment in our pole dancing classes at Pole Divas! We provide a secure environment for women and individuals identifying as women. As the pioneer pole dancing studio in Melbourne since 2004, Pole Divas is your original destination for this empowering fitness experience. 

Today we have seven locations across Melbourne so there is bound to be a pole dancing class near you. We also have four state-of-the-art Aerial Divas studios offering aerial silks and lyra classes, which definitely make your workout less work and more fun! 

You can find Aerial Divas at our Mornington, Richmond, Caroline Springs & Ringwood studios. Along with pole and aerials, our studios offer dance classes, flexibility classes, conditioning classes and so much more! 

Pole & Aerial Divas classes are for women aged 17 years and older. Classes for younger girls available at select locations, head here for more information


$99 for 10 CLASSES





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Build Strength and Confidence with Pole Fitness Classes in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a new way to get fit  while also building strength and confidence, pole dancing may be for you. Unlike traditional exercise classes, pole dancing classes encourages you to move with grace and style, while learning to express yourself in a unique way.

From classic Pole Dancing and Lyra, to Aerial Silks, Pole Divas has something to offer you. Not only are our classes fun and enjoyable, but they also provide a great opportunity to socialise and learn something new.

With studios located across Melbourne, Pole Divas has classes for everyone, regardless of skill level. So why not pole dancing classes a try – you’ll be surprised what you can achieve!

Pole & Aerial Divas

A new way to workout


Our mission statement

Our mission is to create the ultimate happy place for women - a safe, supportive environment that not only improves your fitness but your overall well-being too. We pride ourselves on our strong female culture and sisterhood community. Divas is a place to embrace your body, develop self-love, make friends and feel empowered through pole, dance and aerial movement.

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Can I Try A Class Before Committing?

Definitely. Before you start a course, we highly recommend you purchase our 10 Class Intro Offer which will give you 10 classes for $99 to use over 21 days. It's a great way to get a taste of what our classes are like and what's involved. For more information about our Intro Offer visit our NEW DIVAS page.

Do I Need To Book A Class Beforehand?

Yes you do. We operate on a one person per apparatus policy, so please ensure that you book your class prior to arriving.

Do I Have To Wear Heels?

Nope! Heels are 100% optional. All of our classes can be done barefoot! We wear hells in pole classes for a few reasons. They look amazing, they help with dance technique and more importantly , they actually make tricks like climbing the pole EASIER as they are made from a sticky material that helps you grip the pole! But most of our beginners start barefoot so there is no need to bring heels unless you want to.

What Do I Wear To Classes?

For pole classes we recommend shorts, crop top, singlet or t-shirt.

For Aerial classes we suggest leggins, socks, crop to, singlet or t-shirt.

Can I Come To Classes If I Have An Existing Injury?

Give our friendly Desk Divas a call at your local studio and have a chat with us to discuss.

We do recommend speaking to our staff first depending on the seriousness of the injury.

Can I Do Classes As A Beginner?

Of course you can! There is no pre-requisite to give pole or aerial classes a go. Just a willingness to try something new and fun! Many people think they need to be strong to start classes but i'll let you in on a littel secret, our students get strong from doing classes ;)