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We promise to keep you motivated and moving at home during Lock Down 2.0, and what better way to start than with a 1 Week Unlimited Trial Offer or 2 Week Intro Offer.

  •  1 Week Unlimited Trial Offer (available at all studios, except Moonee Ponds): Try Unlimited Classes within 7 days for only $29
  •  2 Week Intro Offer (available only at Moonee Ponds): Try 5 Classes within 14 days for $49

Your 14 days will begin from the date of your first class. With a range of stretch, strength and dance classes, pole and non-pole, rest assured you will find a class to suit your space at home, and your 'working from home' schedule. Purchase below!


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Get ready to transform your life with Pole & Aerial Divas !

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What the offer Includes

With our Intro or Trial offer, you can try our virtual classes online at one specific studio (offers do not cross over studios). This includes a variety of stretch, strengthening and dance classes - these are a mix between pole and non-pole, some classes include chair, bootcamp, pilates and much more. We want to make sure that even if you don't have a pole or lyra at home, you are still keeping up with your fitness regime at home. Each studio location will have a timetable to suit every lock down schedule. For further questions, please contact the studio location!

Memberships & Zippay

We offer flexible Direct Debit and ZipPay payment options! Speak to our friendly Desk Divas about this direct debit options.

If you want to pay via ZipPay, simply sign up to a ZipPay account, then call your nearest studio to book in.

Minimum of $50 spend applicable for ZipPay.


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Are you READY to transform your fitness? Go ahead, give our online classes a go…you won’t regret it…we promise!