$50 for 5 CLASSES

> 5 x 1 hour classes

> Valid for 14 days from date of first class

> For new students only, classes must be used at the location of purchase

If you require further information about our pricing options please contact us today.

Courses & Casual Classes

Pole & Aerial Divas offers a range of services.  Most popular are our 8-week progressive courses that can take you from Beginners to an Elite level in Pole and Lyra (3 locations), and our 4 - 8 week dance courses.  We also offer a great range of casual classes that have different focuses being Strength, Stretch and Dance.  These classes complement our courses or great to do on their own if progressing through the levels isn’t your thing!



The best value and most convenient way to pay!  Payments come out of your bank account fortnightly.

The benefits of becoming a Divas Member include:

  • FLEXIBILITY to use your membership towards your choice of courses and/or casual classes, and manage your own schedule. Please note classes do not transfer to other studios. You will need to sign up to a membership per studio.
  • BONUSES 10% of Divas Range of clothing & merchandise for all members, and Unlimited Practice Time for 2 Class a week and up members
  • EASY CANCELLATION or DOWNGRADES after 1x 8-week studio term, you can cancel or downgrade your membership with 30 days notice
  • UPGRADE anytime or purchase a special members only upfront add-on class pass, if you want to add on an extra course for a term only
  • EARLY TIMETABLE RELEASE for members only. Get in first and make sure you get into the course you want!
  • MEMBER ADD-ON CLASS PASSES all students who hold an active membership at any of our studios qualify to purchase these member add-on class passes
  • EXCLUSIVE MEMBER SPECIALS will be offered throughout the year

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Choose from these 5 membership packages

Membership details

  • Our pole, lyra and dance courses are progressive, and designed to be done as the full course, preferably the same day and time each week.  Beginner pole can be started at anytime throughout the term, but you can’t jump into a lyra beginner course after the 2nd week for safety issues.  Our 4 and 8 week dance courses feature ongoing routines, so should also be attended each week.
  • If you can’t come to your regular class time, don’t stress!  The same content is taught at each level each week, so you can pull yourself out of one and pop yourself into another either through our website, or via the Mindbody App. That way you don’t miss anything!
  • You choose what you want your membership to be!  E.g.  If you are on a 2 class a week membership, you can do one course and a casual each week, or two courses for the term.  And don’t forget, you also get unlimited practice time.
  • If you miss classes in a week, all is not lost!  You have until the end of the term to use your classes.  
  • Casual classes can be used as make-up classes.  However, we highly recommend making it to as many of your course classes as possible, to get the most out of them and keep improving.
  • You will always be paid up 4 weeks ahead, and payments are taken out on the Wednesdays of weeks 1, 3, 5 and 7 of our studio terms.


Once you are one of our dedicated students with an active membership at any of our studios, you then QUALIFY to purchase any of these pre-paid class passes at another Pole or Aerial Divas location. Refer to terms and conditions for further information about our Member Add-on Class Passes!

Valid 2 months from date of purchase

Valid 2 months from date of first class
Cost per class $25

Valid 2 months from date of first class
Cost per class $30


Don’t want to be committed to a membership?  No worries! You can use our upfront Class Passes towards any of our courses or casual classes.  The passes can be used on any of our course classes and casuals.  Be aware that our courses are progressive and designed to be attended for the full 8 weeks.

1 CLASS $35
Valid 30 days from date of purchase

Valid 2 months from date of first class

16 CLASS PASS $460
Valid 4 months from date of first class



A variety of specialised workshops are offered at each studio throughout the studio term, usually on weekends.

Standard Workshops - $50

Our Instructors Signature Workshops - $55

Guest Instructor Workshops - $50 - $90



1 hour private tuition $120

3x 1 private tuition $300

> Privates can be shared by up to 3 people
> Extra people $35 per head
> Contact studio to book

Practice Time

Pole/Aerial Divas course student $15

Unlimited Practice Time is included in membership packages of 2 classes a week and more
Unlmited Practice Time can be purchased at any location if you're an active member for $80

> Bookings not essential

Studio Hire

Private studio hire $60

Commercial Studio Hire POA