FRISK is Australia's most seductive pole dancing competition, featuring incredible pole dancers in two smoking hot divisions: Amateur and Open (semi-pro/pro). We're looking for the sexiest pole dancers from across Australia and New Zealand, who will bring to life a routine that will leave people sweating in their seats! FRISK is open to all genders and those who love to showcase a more sexy style of pole dancing. You're interpretation of sexy is totally up to you! Heels or no heels, if you can leave the audience amazed and desperate for more, then this is the pole competition for you!

FRISK 2022: Dates & details

When: Saturday 19th November, 2022
Where: Gasworks, 21 Graham St, Albert Park VIC 3206
Divisions: Amateur and Open (Semi-Pro/Pro)
Video entries open: Friday 16th September, 2022
Video entries close: Friday 30th September, 2022
Finalists announced & Tickets on sale: Monday 10th October.


  • AMATEUR & OPEN - can submit either the show they wish to perform on the night OR any performance that is in the exotic FRISK style


FRISK is a Australian Social Competition.

  • Pole Dancers of any gender 18+ years of age, from Australia or New Zealand.
  • Social Amateur level pole dancers for our AMATEUR Division.  If you have won a Graded Amateur Competition or competed in a Semi Pro or Professional graded competition, you are not eligible to compete in our Amateur Division and must enter our Open Division.  Graded Amateur Competitions include Miss Pole Dance state heats, Hardcore and Australian Pole Championships state heats. 
  • Social Semi Pro and Professional for our OPEN Division. 

If you need further clarification about which division you are eligible to enter, please email us


  • Show length for AMATEUR DIVISION is 3 minutes and OPEN DIVISION is 3.5 minutes
  • Any item(s) that are not attached to the performer for the entirety of the performance is considered a prop and must be included in your Production Form.  Any props larger than a chair will require approval.  All props must be able to be put on and taken off the stage by 2 people within 30 seconds.
  • Maximum of 2 human props only.  There is no limit on how long the human props are on stage.  They can touch the pole, but not perform any movements where they have both feet off the ground while holding the pole. Eg: climb, mount, trick.   The focus of using a human prop is that they add to your show without overshadowing you. 
  • Heels are optional. All shoes are accepted including any length of boots.
  • No nudity or pasties
  • Anything you wish to use that will leave a mess on the stage must be approved by the producers.  Eg:  confetti, petals, fake money.  No large confetti canons will be approved, or glitter.
  • You are welcome to email us at if you would like approval on a prop or other idea prior to creating your show and submitting your entry video


  • 1 x 4m high rigged competition grade 45mm stainless Pussycat Pole 
  • Either spin or static - performers choice


  • Chalk or rosin are permitted
  • Banned grips include: iTac or any grip that leaves residue on the pole after cleaning with alcohol based cleaner


  • POLE COMBO (10 points) - Performance must include one outstanding pole combination that will be judged on level of difficulty, technique and effortlessness.
  • BASE/FLOOR WORK/ACRO (10 points) - Technique, fluidity and level of difficulty
  • DANCE (10 points) - Commitment to a sensual style and expression, technique, musicality
  • CONCEPT (10 points) - How well the theme, story line, music choices, character, use of props and costume all fit together to form an entertaining show
  • CHOREOGRAPHY & MUSICALITY (10 points) - Creative, original and interesting choreography on and off the pole displaying a strong connection to the music

Total 60 points

If you require further information about FRISK please email