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HAMPTON - Temporarily Closed

With sadness I have to announce the temporary closure of the Hampton studio due to structural damage to the building. There has been a crack in the wall and ceiling that has slowly been getting worse over time, and I think the Victorian 2021 earthquake exacerbated it to the point now that the premises have been deemed unsafe, and we have been asked to vacate for safety reasons by the landlord. I have already started looking for new premises in the area.  It may take a bit of time to find the right space and renovate, but with any luck, we will be open again with a far more functional, spacious, and beautiful studio in the next 6 months. If you are a current student, either a member or a class pass holder, please refer to our Facebook student group for further information. You will all be looked after, and any classes or credits with us will be transferred to another studio or refunded. No one will be left out of pocket. The team at Hampton would like to thank all our students who have been a part of building our community over the past 5 years. We can't wait to re-open and grow with you all.


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Pole Divas Hampton - Temporarily Closed

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