About Unleashed

Pole Divas is renowned for showcasing the best amateur pole dancers in Victoria at Unleashed, as well as performing a killer instructor opening and closing show. Unleashed is a competition that is built for our talented and hard working students. Our student amateur competition has been the breeding ground for so many well-known pole dancing champions including Miss Filly, Lou Landers, Kristy Sellers, Mischka, Veronica Waite, Dani Blyszak and many more!

Unleashed: Saturday 22nd of June at the Darebin Arts Centre

  • Video Entries open: 1st of April 2024
  • Video Entries close: 17th April 2024
  • Competitors announced: 29th April 2024
  • Tickets on sale: 13th May 2024


  • Beginner - beginner and inter prep
  • Intermediate - intermediate
  • Advanced - advanced
  • Elite - elite prep and elite
  • Doubles - any level


  • Beginners - 1st, 2nd
  • Intermediate - 1st, 2nd
  • Advanced - 1st, 2nd
  • Elite - 1st, 2nd
  • Doubles - 1st, 2nd

You may enter solo and doubles



  • Must be an enrolled Pole Divas student in Term 2 & 3 2024
  • The highest level you have completed, passed or enrolled in Term 2 2024 is the level you should enter. If you grade up for Term 3 2023, you are still eligible to compete in the level you were previously in for Term 2 2024. If you need further clarification about your category please discuss with your studio directly.
  • Have not previously competed in a semi-pro or professional competition
  • You cannot be a current paid pole instructor
  • Desk Divas CAN enter Unleashed
  • Please be aware that your tricks in Unleashed must be suitable to the level you are competing in. Please clarify with your instructors and coaches. You will have points deducted if you include tricks above your level.


  • Must be an enrolled Pole Divas student in Term 2 & 3 2024
  • Open to any level
  • Have not previously competed in a semi-pro or professional competition.
  • You cannot be a current paid pole instructor
  • Desk Divas CAN enter Unleashed
  • An individual dancer in the group may have been competing semi-professionally or professionally in solo competitions. But if the duo has competed professionally then they are not eligible. Please email comps@poledivas.com.au for clarification.
  • Note - your doubles partner does not have to attend the same Pole Divas location as you but they must attend a Pole Divas studio and be enrolled in term 2 & 3 2024.



  • Your video entry doesn’t have to be the actual show you will perform at Unleashed

  • Videos must be one take and not edited  

  • Videos are to be a minimum of 2mins and maximum duration of 3mins

  • Finalists will be announced via Pole Divas Facebook Page


  • Music tracks must be no longer than:
    • 2.5 minutes for Beginners & Intermediate and Dance shows
    • 3 minutes for Advanced, Elite and Doubles shows
  • Music must not contain excessively explicit language. If you are unsure, please have approved by the organisers prior to use.
  • Music can be a mix of tracks
  • Music will be on a first-entered, first-approved basis. If two competitors enter with the same music, whoever submits their entry first can use the track.


  • Shoes are optional - boots are allowed
  • No nudity or partial nudity is permitted. No G-strings are permitted. Clothing may be removed during the performance if the minimum costume requirement is maintained. Points will be deducted if you do not follow the costume requirements.
  • Only props that can be taken on/off stage in under 30 seconds by 1 person are allowed. Due to safety & storage issues, all props larger than a chair must be pre-approved.
  • Only 2 human props are permitted
    • All human props must have a valid Unleashed ticket to participate in your show
    • Human props must not touch the pole
    • Human props must be an integral part of your show


  • Dry Hands, Griptinite, Koala Grip or similar grip aids with chalk are permitted
  • Banned Grips include: Rosin, iTac, or any grip that leaves residue on the pole after cleaning with alcohol.


  • 45mm Stainless Steel Poles
  • SOLOS – stage left pole spinning, stage right static (when on the stage looking out)
  • DOUBLES – your choice of configuration
  • Distance between poles TBC
  • Pole height - 4 metres

Pole Addiction student competition was created to give Pole & Aerial Divas students the opportunity to challenge themselves, unleash their inhibitions on stage, experience the buzz and thrill of performing and have fun! We feel strongly about maintaining this purpose, so we ask for all students to enter the competition with this in mind. As competitors we want you to maintain the spirit of community and understand how important it is to be kind and supportive to one another, and importantly yourselves. The judges’ decision is final and anyone found to be bringing the decision or the competition into disrepute may be deemed unable to compete in future events, as would unsportsmanlike bad behaviour in the lead up to and on the day of the event.