Virtual Divas

Pole & Aerial Divas is excited to bring YOU Virtual Divas - delivering you Divas style classes to do at home via ZOOM!

During this strange time at home, we want you to continue your pole and aerial training, so when we do eventually come back to the studio, we have the same amount of skills to keep on going, or better yet, have gained even more skills and strength to be than you did before.


You can find the timetable on the studios page on this website (via the STUDIOS tab above), or on the studio location Facebook page (or student groups). Book directly via the timetable on the website, OR use the MINDBODY app and search for the location (please note: use "&" for Pole & Aerial Divas).

Click location below to visit the locations web page:



Available on MINDBODY now! Don't forget Virtual Divas will continue once we reopen, so these passes can be used, or we can credit your account.

  • INTRO OFFER: 5 online classes to try within 14 days for $49
  • 1 Single Virtual Class: $15, with 1-week expiry
  • 5 Virtaul Class Pass: $65, with 1-month expiry
  • 10 Virtual Class Pass: $120, with 2-month expiry
  • 20 Virtual Class Pass: $200, with 3-month expiry

TO BOOK Visit the MINDBODY app and search the studio location, click on the location:


You can use a laptop, computer, mobile phone or tablet to access our online classes. If you can, make sure your internet is free from other downloads or streaming during this time, and your space and your equipment is ready to go.


  • Purchase a Virtual Divas Single Class, or Class Pass via your local studios MINDBODY, either via the app or via a desktop. Links to Virtual classes will be posted on the Facebook page. Or simply, find them on the MINDBODY app.
  • Please note that the above class passes are sold separately at each location. They do not cross over!
  • Bookings will close 20 minutes before the online class
  • The cancellation policy for online classes is 8 hours
  • Please have your speakers on your device ready, and you can access a microphone (either already inbuilt in your computer or laptop or have earphones)
  • Visit and download the necessary program or app you need for your device. Otherwise when you click on the access link your instructor will email, a pop-up to prepare the ZOOM program will also appear.


  • Be ready for your virtual class 15 minutes prior to the class starting, so you are ready to go, in your space, with all your equipment
  • You will be sent an email from your studio with the ZOOM access link 2 hours before the scheduled class time. If you haven’t received the email, please check your junk, spam, trash and promotional inbox. If you find the email in one of those inboxes, please mark as safe and create a new folder in your emails for all our Virtual Divas correspondence.
  • The class will start on time, please make sure you are ready to go 15 minutes before the scheduled time, in the waiting room. You will not be allowed to enter the class once the class has started, so please be ready to go on your computer in the right amount of time you need to set yourself up
  • Click on this link and your app or program will open. You will then be put into a “waiting room”, where you will wait for your instructor to grant you access to the virtual class
  • All students will be automatically on mute when they are in the class, PLEASE do not UNMUTE yourself, for the respect of the instructor and other students
  • Once you’re in the class, “pin” your instructor by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner of the instructor’s screen and click “pin video”. You should be in “Speaker View”.
  • If you would DO NOT want to be shown on video in the virtual class please let your instructor know immediately, you can still interact verbally.
  • The instructor will be ready to start their class once every student has given a thumbs up, this means that all students can see and hear their instructors
  • How to give an emoji “thumbs” up? Mobile – by clicking the 3 dots, in the right-hand corner, or desktop – click on “participants”, a right screen will pop up of all members, and “raise hand” is at the bottom, next to “mute me”
  • If you have a question or need some help, please “raise your hand”. Again, you can raise your hand in the same way you gave a thumbs up. Once you have been addressed, please “lower your hand”.

We would greatly appreciate and welcome any feedback you have about Virtual Divas! Feel free to email your local studio – [location] :)

If you're having any issues with getting into our online classes, even right before the scheduled time, please CALL your studio as soon as possible, visit the contact us page here!