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As a Virtual Divas Member you will have UNLIMITED access to our range of online classes that include flexibility training, conditioning, strengthening, dance and more!

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No pole, lyra or silks required

Our Virtual Divas timetable offers a range of classes that does not require you to have a pole, lyra or silks at home - they are workout classes that will increase your strength or flexibility using simply a mat. However, for those students who do have a pole set up at home, we offer tricks and dance classes such as Pole Moves, Russian Flow or Beginner and Elite pole tricks. There is an online class to suit every fitness goal, whether it be building up your core or increasing your dance skills, Virtual Divas has it all! View the timetable here!


As a Virtual Divas Member you will have UNLIMITED access to our range of classes that include flexiblity training, conditioning, strengthening, dance and more. You can do as many classes as you like throughout the week, easily book into your stretch, strength and dance classes via the MINDBODY and have a full schedule to motivate yourself at home. Online classes is the best way to compliment your studio training!

    $39 weekly direct debit for UNLIMITED online classes + recordings

    Are you a in-studio member? You only pay $29 weekly direct debit

    Payments will be a weekly direct debit out of your nominated credit or debit card

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    Recording of online classes with a 6 day expiry available - 6 days will commence from the end time of the online class. To receive the class recording, you must book into the class via MINDBODY before the scheduled class time

    Unlimited memberships are ongoing, with no suspensions but cancel anytime

    7 day cancellation in writing. Simply email your studio location requesting you would like to cancel your unlimited membership

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    Don't want to commit to a membership, well a Virtual Class Pass is for you - have the flexibility of using your class pass whenever you like!

    Single Virtual Class Pass (30 day expiry) - $15.00

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    10x Virtual Class Pass (3 month expiry) - $120.00

    20x Virtual Class Pass (4 month expiry) - $200.00