New Students

I'm unfit and I don't know how to dance, can I still take classes?

Absolutely! Our courses and classes are designed to get you fit and teach you how to pole dance. You don't need any experience to join our courses and classes, just bring a positive attitude and we'll provide the rest!

Can I try a class before commiting to an 8-week course?

Definitely. Before you start a course we highly recommend you purchase our Intro Offer which will give you 5 casual classes for $50. It's a great way to get a taste of what our classes are like and what's involved. For more information about our Intro Offer visit our "New Divas" page.

I’ve done pole or lyra before, but never at Pole & Aerial Divas. How do I know which level I will be in?

Please contact the studio you wish to attend, and our friendly Desk Divas will schedule a  free grading session for you. This is generally at 15 minute meeting with one of our instructors, where you will be asked to demonstrate your skills. Our instructor will be able to tell you which level you should book into. 

What do I wear for pole or lyra class? Are heels compulsory?

Please see our What to Wear page to find out more. Heels are not compulsory in our courses or classes but we highly recommend them! If you decide to wear heels they do not need to be our pole dancing stilettos, any heels that make you feel sexy and confident are perfect!

Can I do more than one course per term?

Absolutely! We encourage our students to spend as much time on the pole as possible and taking 2 courses in a term is a great way to reach your pole dancing goals faster. Most students will take a static and a spinning pole course in the same term and if you take a second course you'll get $50 off. Applies to courses in the same term & at the same studio. We also have a GOALS PACKAGE available - 2x pole, aerial or dance 8 week course + practice for $450. Such a great deal! Visit our Pricing Page for further information.

I'm male and/or under 18 years old, can I take classes at Pole and Aerial Divas?

We are a female only space, and currently only run adults’ classes.  However, men and under 18’s are welcome in private lessons and private functions.  Please contact your local studio for further information on these.

What is the difference between static and spin pole?

You may have noticed - some poles are static, while other poles spin. All of our poles can be adjusted between static and spin, depending on the class and your preference. Static poles are fixed and don't move, whereas spin poles pivot around themselves, providing a great 360 degree view of any trick! Spin pole requires a bit more strength and control to ensure the pole doesn’t spin too fast! If you’re brand new to pole dancing, try both static and spin to see what you like best! If you are unsure, haven’t done fitness for awhile, or get dizzy easily, static pole can be a good place to start.

Will I have to share my pole or lyra with someone else?

No. We have a one student per pole or lyra policy, to give you maximum time during class to master the new tricks you learn! 

Booking and Pricing

How do I book?

Each of our studios can take your booking over the phone or you can use our online booking sites to make your booking. All you need to do is decide which studio you'd like to attend, take a look at their timetable and contact them. Bookings must be made in advance to ensure we have space for you, our studios operate a strict one person per pole policy so please don't just turn up as if the class is full we will not be able to accommodate you. Due to the limited number of poles, bookings must be paid for in advance as well.

Do I need to book classes beforehand?

Yes. Our studios operate a strict one person per pole or lyra policy so please don't just turn up because we will not be able to accommodate you if the class is full. Due to the limited number of poles and lyras, bookings must be paid for in advance as well.

Is there a discount if I take classes between studios?

Pole Divas Studios are Franchises and so are owned separately, which means there is no discount if you take classes across studios. 

Can I pay as I go for courses?

Our studios offer a fortnight Direct Debit option for 8 week courses when you sign up for 12 months. The Direct Debit payment amount of $60.00 is taken out fortnightly. Alternatively you are must pay upfront for each term you wish to participate in. Our studios require payment in full prior to the course commencement in order to secure your pole for the term. If you are booking more than 1 week out from a term you may pay a $100 deposit towards your course, the balance will then be due 1 week before the course starts. Visit our Pricing Page for further information.

Is there a discount for University Students?

We offer student discount on selected day time courses for Uni Students. On our timetables you will see these courses indicated with a **. You must provide Student ID to access this discount. 

Class Attendance

I can't make one of my classes, what happens?

If you are booked into a course and are not able to make one session (due to work, holiday etc) then please contact your studio ASAP. The more notice we have the more likely we will be able to offer you a make up class that week so you do not miss any content. We will always try our hardest to offer you another day that week but as courses are often very full we can never guarantee this. If you do not tell us in advance your class will not 'roll over' to the next term, and if you can't make another course time we are not able to offer casual classes in places of missed course sessions. Please be aware that we are open on most Public Holidays.

Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy?

Casual Classes: A minimum of 8 hours notice is required to cancel a casual class. This fee is not refundable but can be transferred to another class subject to availability.

Courses: A minimum of 7 days’ notice is required to cancel your participation in a Course prior to its commencement. If you give us the required notice we will refund your Course fee less a cancellation fee of $100. If you give us less than 7 days’ notice there is no refund or transfer on any part of the Course fees. If you drop out of a Course once it has commenced, you will not be entitled to a refund for the remainder of the course.

Make Up Class: If you are unable to attend any of the classes within a course, we offer you A Make-Up Class provided you give us a minimum of 2 hours notice of a Course class. Make-Up Classes can only be taken within the same Studio Term as your course is for, subject to availability. Casual Classes cannot be used as Make-Up Classes.

Workshops: A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel a Workshop. This Workshop fee is not refundable but can be transferred to another Workshop subject to availability.

Private Tuition: A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel a Private Tuition. The deposit is not refundable, but with the required notice can be transferred to another time, subject to availability.

Function: A minimum of 4 weeks notice is required to cancel a function.

Intro Offer - 5 Casual Classes for $50: 8 hours notice is required to cancel any Casual Class you book into under this special. If you late cancel by not providing us with the required notice you will lose that class from the offer.

Our full cancellations policy can be found here.